Sevens Rugby

Sevens Rugby round three takes place at the Nelson Mandela stadium in Port Elizabeth this weekend.South Africa will once again be hosting this prestigious tournament with a little bit of local flavour. What the rest of the world calls a barbecue,we call a ‘braai vleis’.In the US they do hamburger patties,in England,sausages and in SA we have Boere wors.A literal translation would be farmers sausage,but boerie can be three feet long.It holds the juice and is made in different flavours,exquisite tasting,but I digress and I’m no chef.
In the first leg in Australia,Fiji came out on top playing some excellent rugby.The second leg played in Dubai saw the Blitz Bokke sweep all before them,trouncing the All Blacks 28-0 in the semi final and then taking Australia to task in the final winning 35-7.We hope they can maintain this high standard of rugby in their own back yard.
The added incentive is of course the top teams of this competition will automatically get a free pass to the Rio Olympics in 2016,the first time that sevens will compete as an Olympic sport.
So here’s to some exciting,fast paced sport for the weekend,and a braai with some juicy wors to go with it.

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